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Why Would You Be Afraid  To Invest With AI?

Why would you be afraid to invest with AI?

Summary: We apprehend artificial intelligence by fear of the unknown, but investors could potentially achieve better outcomes by using AI to protect their investments against unnecessary risks. Get a better hold on your investments and avoid taking risks with Aidvisors’ strategy. Use it for free and for an unlimited time, until you are convinced of its capacity to make a difference.

It isn’t a surprise: new technologies transgress the rules of the present and artificial intelligence (AI) is no exception. AI technology has been proven to complement human knowledge and it can definitely assist with your finances, helping you to trade stocks more efficiently.

The question we might now ask is: “Why are we afraid to invest with AI?”

Fear of the unknown

We might be afraid of investing in stocks with AI because we don’t know much about it, and about how it could potentially alter the future. Many investment firms use software to inspect data and to perform number analysis by following algorithms. AI is no different except that machine learning and other techniques alike make it easier to identify patterns that might otherwise not be detected by the human eye.

Until recently, AI has been limited to banks and large firms but today’s access to technology has provided space for the emergence of new businesses supplying original and affordable methods to get a better control on your investments.

An interesting article about how to get over your fear of investing addresses the few reasons why people are afraid of investing, mostly focused around:

  • The fear of failure (don’t want to look like an idiot);
  • And the fear of financial failure.

We might also want to add on to this list the fear of the unpredictable.

Overcome your fears with AI

Investing in stocks with AI allows you to overcome both the fear of “looking like an idiot”, and the fear of losing your money on risky investments because the technology works for you. Take a few hours to familiarize yourself with the kind of portfolio the technology is able to come up with, and start by picking your own investments: personalize your stock portfolio.

Overcome your fear of investing by leveraging the power of AI; let the investment strategies do the work for you.

Based on your preferences and on the type of investor you are, AI can generate a custom-made portfolio in accordance with your tastes. AI strategies follow multiple recipes and are constantly following the stock market at every hour of the day, allowing you to save time and energy.

See it as a form of personal consultant working for your best interests.

AI for Risk management

AI can ultimately assist you in balancing your portfolio, therefore avoiding higher risks of investment. Risk management is all about how to address the unknown, which is part of what AI is doing with your stock investments: it seeks to reduce risk by predicting future scenarios based on what it knows from the past and the present.

The advantage of investing with Aidvisors’ technology is that you can test it for free, as long as you need to, before you decide to jump and overcome your fear of “looking like an idiot” and of losing money. Our technology is there to assist you in managing risks and at no moment it will let you make perilous decisions.

We provide you with an opportunity to test our strategy before you decide to enroll and start investing “for real”.

At Aidvisors, we use AI to protect your stock investments against risks and we want to make sure that you have a positive experience with artificial intelligence, so that it can contribute to improve your future performances on the stock market.   

Aidvisors’ technology accompanies you throughout your journey of becoming an investor.

Overcome your fear of investing and start relying on tangible results and facts. We believe that YOU  should be convinced about AI’s capacity to help, so the question we might now ask is: Are you ready to invest with AI?


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