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What Is AI And Why Should We Use It In Our Investments

What is AI and why should we use it in our investments

In the simplest of terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Yet, the form of artificial intelligence we are accustomed to via our day-to-day interactions with technology – with our cell phones, our computers, via Facebook, Siri, or with image recognition on self-driving cars, etc. – isn’t the kind of machine intelligence society has become obsessed about (Health, 2018).

General AI – the form of intellect found in humans, “a flexible form of intelligence capable of learning how to carry out vastly different tasks” (Health, 2018) – is the kind of machine intelligence we express so much anxiety about. It is the kind of AI depicted in movies. It is HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), or Ava from Ex-Machina (2014), or even replicants from the original Blade Runner (1982). In other words, advancements in the AI sector reify the anxiety that has perpetually existed around machines, that same anxiety which has also been conveyed throughout Hollywood movies for many decades.

Why is AI often associated with dystopian futures?

The introduction of any new medium – call it technology – in our society has continuously forced us to ponder the pros and cons of its introduction into traditional ways of doing things: which at the same time, was and remains totally necessary. In the 60s, communication theorist Marshall McLuhann coined the sentence “the medium is the message”, meaning that the message conveyed by the medium itself – or the technology (ex. the printing press, the railway, a light bulb, a car) – had nothing to do with the particular function of that so called medium. The message, in McLuhann’s idea, is rather about how something completely voided of its concrete function, of meaning, can challenge existing boundaries already established. It is about how this new technology – and its so called message – can transgress the rules of the present, by providing different avenues for the future.

In other words, how does technology change the present?

AI does not have a precise message, but still provides a different experience about the way we are involved with science and technology, the way the medical industry was able to progress, the way we now handle our investments, and so on. AI does not change what we know about the world, but rather helps us redefine the way we live our lives in the present, the way we can perform outside of what we already know. Can we therefore say that AI is the message?

What are some applications of artificial intelligence in our society?

Ai can definitely help to sharpen our skills, which can consequently challenge existing definitions of what it means to be human – since it allows us to go beyond what we have been capable of achieving so far. On a positive note, AI can be helpful with the understanding of emotions via image recognition, and has the capacity to communicate in different languages via chatbot for instance. AI is also widely used with automated vehicle and can assist park a car, or even independently land an airplane.

With so many different possibilities at hand, the question we might now ask is what kind of usage should we really make of AI?

Should we let AI take control over some of our human tasks and become an omniscient machine that tells us what to do? Should AI – as a machine that looks and acts human, be helping us with our house chores? Or, should we rather use AI algorithms as a machine crunching numbers, in order to find the best way to sell us goods on Google or Amazon, based on our search history?

How Aidvisors use AI?

At Aidvisors, we have made a clear decision. We have estimated that it was more rewarding to use AI in order to enhance human capacities. That is to say, we consider AI as a useful artificial skill under constant development, which can help to the improvement of investments, while at the same time considering people’s needs.

Aidvisors provides AI-assistance for investors under the form of counselling, in order to help create safe and profitable portfolios. Artificial intelligence is at the center of our offering, which relies on predictive analytics and deep learning to protect investments against market crashes. We want people to know that investing with AI can ameliorate their performances in the stock market.

With the help of our customizable platform, we aim to democratize access to AI technology, by demonstrating that although AI can take multiple shapes, be labelled as Siri or Alexa, or categorized as narrow or general, and used under so many different circumstances; AI is not a specific machine, but rather remains an accessible medium with endless possibilities, which can be adapted to your stock portfolios.


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