Getting Started

Aidvisors are Artificially Intelligent Advisors evaluating the risk probability and suggesting preventive actions to better manage the risk related to your financial investments.

Below are the simple steps to use this website.

1. Find Aidvisors that match your needs

This website is organized in categories and tags.

1.1. Tags

Tags are organized into subjects describing the investment strategies you’re looking for:

1.2. Categories

Categories are organized into type of assets you want to invest in:

  • Indices replicating the performance of multiple companies.
  • Stocks in one company.
  • Natural resources or indices related to specific commodities.
  • Cryptocurrencies are coming soon.

2. Read the AI Reports

Once you found Aidvisors that match your needs, take time to read the AI Report.

The AI Report is a comprehensive document that allows you to understand how the Aidvisors would react to the market. Sometimes it may seems like overkill to analyze results 20 years in the past, but keep in mind that Aidvisors are machines learning from past experience.

Would you have any question about the AI Report, read the FAQ.

You will need to become a member to have access to the whole AI Report. The basic membership to access the whole AI Report will be very low. This is a way to make sure our members are serious about their investments. Until membership is available, the AI Reports are available publicly but are out of date.

If you want to be informed when membership is available, please contact us.

3. Subscribe to notifications

There are two types of notifications:

  • Risk notifications let you know the risk probability of financial loss in the next few days. They are communicated on a daily basis before the market closes (usually at 15h30).
  • Preventive actions are suggested only when Aidvisors conclude that something must be done. They occur 2 to 20 times a year depending on the situation. They are communicated before the market closes (usually at 15h30). The AI Report provides an idea how many transaction there might be and what is the financial impact of not executing it on the exact same day.

You will need to become a member to get notifications. Depending on the membership level you select you will get access to different kind of notifications on different category of assets.

Membership will be limited. This is a way for us to offer you exclusive and privileged information while we work on the next generations of AI based on your feedback. This website is our laboratory where we maintain a close relationship to our best customers.

If you want to be informed when membership is available, please contact us.

4. Connect your trading script to the API

The REST API will be available to our members with the same access privileges as for the notifications.

The REST API will provide the suggested preventive actions and the risk probability. But better than that, it will provide a comprehensive list of measurements and indicators that are generated by our Aidvisors. And even more better than that, it will provide full daily history so the AI professionals out there can train their own machine learning pipelines on top of our dataset.

If you want to be informed when membership is available, please contact us.

5. Be Careful

Investing is not easy. You can lose money. Actually you will lose money. Our AI Reports are very transparent about the fact that some trades will make you miss returns and you may even end up losing money during some years. But as for any machine learning pipeline, in average it should provide better results.

Take time to read our disclaimer explaining that past results are not guarantee of future performance.

You may also want to know more about how we define financial risk and why you should invest only in something you believe in.

6. Something Missing?

If something is missing in the documentation or if you found some part confusing, please contact us. We love hearing from you!

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