Disclaimer: Past results are no guarantee of future performance

As explained in this Forbes article:

Past results are no guarantee of future performance.

Indeed, irrespective of asset class, few fund managers consistently outperform their peers. Therefore, it is hard to determine if active fund managers did well because of their skills or merely luck.

With Aidvisors (a.k.a. Artificially Intelligent Advisors) we put computation power at work to consistently outperform the financial markets. Aidvisors are designed to adapt to financial assets and manage financial risk in a constant manner. But despite our best efforts and because of mathematical characteristics inherent to financial markets such as stochasticity and heteroskedasticity, we have to admit that past results are no guarantee of future performance. It’s a continuous fight against the odds.

Here are the main differentiators between the fund managers and the Aidvisors:

  • One differentiator is we provide a comprehensive and transparent AI Report. The AI Report contains the good, the bad and the ugly on the long-term performance of the Aidvisors. The AI Report allows financial professionals and advanced investors to determine whether the Aidvisors did well because of their learned skills or merely luck. This is why the AI Report is focused on risk management over return on investment. By focusing on risk management, it allows to identify what the Aidvisors have learned and how they applied their acquired skills afterward. In the world of machine learning, the value of Aidvisors is what they learned with their past experiences, not just the return on investment they would have got. The AI Report allows to distinguish learned skills from mere luck.
  • Another differentiator is the fact that a machine learning pipeline is a systematic and repeatable process. That process establishes a network of data structures and the machine learning models that link them together. The data structures are built upon financial data and the machine learning models interpret and exploit that data in a constant manner. None of those data structures and models are getting sick or getting burned out. Aidvisors work tirelessly 24/7 on one of the most boring tasks that ever existed, analyzing a lot of financial data. That makes the Aidvisors reliable.

Nevertheless, the Aidvisors don’t replace financial planning. This is one reason why the AI Report targets financial professionals and advanced investors. Due diligence is required in addition to the investment strategy described in the AI Report. Refer to the FAQ for more information on how to work with AI Reports.

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